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we are building exceptional commercial spaces Across Europe for more than 20 years and during these years we are blessed that worked with hundreds of leading brands

Customer satisfaction

Join our extensive list of satisfied customers who attest to the excellence of our service


Active Projects

We specialize in retail construction across Europe, bringing our expertise to diverse projects across the continent


Years in the market

With over two decades of experience in the market, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project

Retail store construction

Ready to turn your retail store dream into a reality? Building a new store involves designing, constructing, and finishing the interior, as well as coordinating with contractors and professionals to ensure a successful project. Let's work together to bring your vision to life and create a thriving retail store that your customers will love!

Office Construction

The office construction process is a crucial part of building and maintaining a successful business. A well-designed and constructed office space can provide employees with a comfortable and productive environment, which can help to increase efficiency and improve overall performance.


Renovating a retail store involves updating and improving an existing location to attract customers and boost sales. This includes interior updates, building repairs and improvements, and coordinating with professionals. A retail store renovation can help your business thrive.
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In trouble with managing store construction?
You can take your coffee and have a rest, while we handle every aspect of the construction process from start to finish.
Communications problems with constructions staff?
Our workers speak both German and English. We do not have high hierarchy as large General Contractors in Germany.
Uncertain about the required materials or when to begin construction?
Having been in this business since 2001, we handle every aspect of the job including planning, material procurement, and more.
Problems in keeping up with the regulations?
We will help you in managing documentations and keeping up with regulations.
Lack of the skilled workforce?
All workers are our employees, we take care of them, they take care of construction.
Slow technology adoption?
We provide our clients with a comprehensive view of the construction processes with 360-degree photos via Fieldwire.
Your current construction partner unable to meet the deadline?
We work tirelessly, 7 days a week, to ensure that we meet all of our deadlines.
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What do our clients say about us?

“Thanks to their expertise and assistance, we were able to smoothly navigate the project and complete it on time and within budget. We are grateful for the valuable service that Franzoni and Co provided and highly recommend their services to anyone facing language barriers in their own projects.”

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Andris Baumanis

Senior Technical Advisor at Calzedonia

"Throughout the construction process, the team was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had, and they made sure to keep me updated on the progress. The end result was a beautifully constructed store that exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend Franzoni and Co to anyone in need of construction services. They truly know how to get the job done right, and I will definitely be using them for any future projects."

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Aidan Lewer

Project Manager at Accessorize

”Despite the difficulties, the team at Franzoni and Co was able to rise to the occasion and go above and beyond to ensure that our projects were completed on time. They worked overtime and were available outside of normal business hours to follow up with clients and address any issues that arose.We are grateful for the team at Franzoni and Co and their commitment to excellence.”

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Francisco Alcazer Segura

Project Architect at Cosentino
Construction works with no stress
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What are the 8 reasons for selecting Franzoni and Co to build your store in Germany?

Why working with us is so easy?

Communication: We speak both German and English.
Expertise: We take care of all aspects of the project from beginning to the end.
Cost effective: We offer competitive pricing for our services.
Logistics: We provide logistics.
Sustainability: All workers are our employees.
On time completion: We work 7 days in a week to meet the deadlines.
Efficiency: We provide our customers with 360-degree photos of the project progress.
Experience: We work in all cities of Germany. Last year we have completed 25+ projects.

We enjoy building

We offer Free Consultation and Custom Special Deal to our First-Time Clients, contact us today to get.

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